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Holy Pub Quest

A mobile-powered version of an American university tradition, known as "The Quest." This version is based off of Boston University's campus pub.

What is The Quest?  Each semester students can sign up at the pub for The Quest, which consists of about a hundred drinks (you name it, beer, wine, mixed) that they must order (no one ever checks if they actually imbibe, but we safely assume they do) before the end of the semester.  They don't have to drink the items in order, and I don't remember if the bartenders allowed substitutions, but the idea is to draw students into the pub on a regular basis since completing the The Quest in the given time actually requires some effort. Student feel good about checking yet another item (or 5) off the list each visit.  

So what does a valiant Quest warrior win?  

A mug kept on file at the pub, personalized to them (specifically, a raunchy or otherwise demeaning nickname chosen by their friends).  Actually, it's a bad ass bierstein, the kind Germans use to beat each other to death.  It's bestowed somewhat regularly towards the end of the semester, as more students complete The Quest, in Knight Ceremonies, where victors are feted publicly to much fanfare.  

Get local establishments on board with this one.  Let's assume we have that lined up. A user of the Holy Pub Quest app would...

1) Pick a bar.  Each bar would have its list of drinks, timeframe to complete the quest, its own version of a knighting ceremony and prizes. 

2) Round up your friends and create a Fellowship.  Your friends can also decide if they are worthy enough to jump in on The Quest themselves. 

Quest in Action

Upcoming Gatherings

Reminders, default this to Fri or Sat nights, but you can config this to whatever you and your fellowship want your Pub Night to be.  Nothing crazy, just a little encouragement to socialize. Your bar can update you on special HH promotions, events, etc.  More encouragement to socialize.  

Trubadour Updates

Config prefs on notifications, the type and frequency. Check-in integration across fb, twitter, foursquare, yelp, g+.  Ex) Mary hath slayed her 16th drink (Tequila Tank)!" Leaderboards - this week, overall, surpasses, etc. Other ideas: Hidden, unannounced rewards for class participation, outstanding performance, goad the laggards.

Knighting Ceremonies

Nickname voting/selection. Organize, promote, share.


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