Holy Moley me-oh-my

Holy Moley me-oh-my - student project

Holy Moley me-oh-my - image 1 - student projectHoly Moley me-oh-my - image 2 - student projectHi! I am  just here for fun because I'm interested in hand lettering.

I have always loved caligraphy but by no means have ever been taught or taken lessons. I just recently bought a "caligraphy kit" to try to practice. I am an account executive for a magazine, but am extremely interested in graphic design especially hand lettering and typography.

I was recently inspired by Lindsay letters after seeing some of her hand lettering designs on pinterest so you'll definitely see her influence here. 

This is a portion of one of my favorite songs, "Home" by Edward sharpe & the magnetic zeroes.I love every single lyric in that song so it was hard to pick out a short line!

This is a very rough draft, but I posted it because I need help from y'all on where to put flourishes and how to balance it out. I just used a regular number 2 pencil and white paper i printed off from dottedpaper.com I'm going to use tracing paper and copy it with a caligraphy pen and see how the lines on it look after that. Welcoming feedback, good or bad. Thanks! 

Things I'm having difficulties with:

-the "in between" phrases- Not sure how to better balance and incorporate them into the design.

-The A and PP in Apple are driving me nuts. Can't figure out how to make them not run into each other.

-The N in Never- also running into the APP from Apple.

-Where to put extra flourishes to make it cohesive