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Holy Halberdier

Round one:  Sillhouettes.

I prefer thick and heavy at this stage dark 50% grey bg and black 100% opacity. The dark lets my imagination fill in details. I often avoid textured brushes at this stage because I want the clean sillhouette.

I used Mischief and just a basic brush and eraser. I automatically think in 3D spacial ways but I like to think of big blobs an then adding or chipping away at the form before me.

Another good habit to get into is numbering interations. Even when working personal projects I find the numbers make crits and the selection process SO much easier.

Project Brief:

Let's see this new character. Male. Stout (dwarf). Agile. Fully armored. Fights with a Halberd (and possibly a shield) Noble stature.

Love to hear peoples thoughts.

Round two: Refine Thumbs

Time to define the little fellows and in doing so I found some very interesting things.

1. I often discard ideas too early.

2. one of the thumbs that I thought didn't fit turns out to be one of my favorites (no.2)

The assignment was to try and refine all the thumbs and while I skipped a couple of them (7 and 8) I did refine the rest. Normally I would have skipped them all and just chosen 5

5 remained high on my list but 4 quickly fell to the bottom. I found some great shapes in 2 and found that I liked the contrast between his body type and the agility attribute from the brief. Having that extra weight might actually make swinging that halberd around easier. What ever it is about 2 I realy like that one.

So I pulled 2, 3, 4, and 5 into a new project res'd up and continued to refine.

2 has become a clear favorite but I still like 5. As I said above, normally I would have just chosen 5 from the thumbs and finished that one with out first exploring the others, especially on my personal projects.

4 and 3 saw the greatest change and perhaps the most time commitment at this stage and while they imporved and I would feel confident pushing either of them futher I think they will get put on the back burner for now.

So 2 or 5? Which would you have me refine for the next stage?

Round 3:  Iteration

Okay so I went with the one that I liked best cuz I am imaptient and would rather paint then wait for feedback ;)

I put him on his own layer and killed the rest. then I refined him a little pushing values but not too much then duplicated him and messed with things.

Mostly his helm, armor, gear, the halberd head, shield and on the final one beard.

4 was the most difficult I felt, by the time i got to him that I had so many good things to work with and I felt like maybe I was wasting time but I stuck with it because of the assignment. To my suprise I found something that I liked in 4 as well. The armor detail. And i think the elbow on 4 works the best too. So in the end the 10-15 min spent on 4 was not wasted. I know for sure that I won't change the beared :D

What do you like? What should make it to the final design?

Round 4: Value and detail

Extra Credit? haha jk jk.

But I wasn't satisfied with the black and white so I went a bit further. Some color some texture and a whole lot of fun.

This was a fun class. Thanks for watching. I am still wide open for critique should any wish to offer it.


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