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Ryan LaBouve

Front End Developer



Holy Archer Co

==COMPLETE SECTION: 1. Introduction==

1. Background


We are a small digital shop that specializes in designing for small businesses, churches, and non-profits.

We pride ourselves that our products usable, accessible, responsive, and true to the original visions of our clients.

Out main services are branding, digital strategy, CMS integration, and small apps.

2. Objective

Develop a brand for HolyArcher.co

3. Target Audiences

People who love what they do but need some help with their branding or digital precesnse.

Small Businesses > NPOs > Churches > Larger Organizations.

4. Message

We believe in you. We believe in what you're trying to do. We're here to help you hit your target.

5. Competition

Local Shops




Awesome Local Individuals



6. Distinguising Characteristics

We are not contract laborers, we are partners. Your success is our success.

Our highests goal is to bring your message to as many as your users on as many devices as possible.

We build products that are authentic, accessible, usable, and responsive.

7. Creative Considerations

  • Playing Cards
  • Mideval Imagery
  • Big Type

8. Tone or Key Words

  • Adaptable
  • Passionate
  • Playful
  • Partners
  • Amusing



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