My project is ME, and more about maintaining and creating holistic goals habits for my happiness, health and weight, than one "project". I have lost more than 12kgs since July 2012, and I'm feeling fit, happier, healthier and stronger. My goals for exercise below are to make it to the gym 4-6 times a week. 

My goals:

  • Lose another 14kgs before June 2013

  • Continue healthy eating, mostly protein and vegetables. Explore/modify a Paleo diet, or restrict dairy, sugar and wheat. 

  • Address and avoid emotional eating.

  • Days off or meals out with friends where I don't worry about a restrictive diet or eating plan, and take pleasure in food, in order to avoid disordered eating.

  • Body Balance and / or Yoga every week, regain my flexibility and improve my (poor) balance. Pilates every week.

  • Continue HIIT and stair machine as cardio. When in no danger of getting sunburnt or sunstroke (we're in the middle of a heatwave!), keep walking to places within reasonable distance, that I otherwise would have caught public transport to. 

  • Continue weight training and ABT exercises, varying these to challenge myself. Increase weights I can lift / press steadily as my strength increases.

  • Get more than 6 hours sleep every night.

  • Take the Chinese herbs and supplements my acupuncturist prescribes, every dayespecially Iron tablets. I need the energy and mental and physical support these offer, in managing chronic health conditions. 

  • Schedule regular relaxation like visits to the bathhouse and massages, to nurture my body.

  • Confidence in baring my arms in public and not worrying about what people will think of scars, or their nosy questions about tattoos, or worrying whether my arms look "fat".


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