Holistic Practioner

Holistic Practioner - student project

About two years ago, to combat my mental health issues I began to dig deep into holistic therapy in conjunction with what was my current practices. It led me to a path of creation and immense studies. as of right now I am a reiki master, chakradance facilitator, as well as a studying planetary herbalist. I have no interest in stopping my creative process and instead have begun the work to be seen as a reputable provider for holistic health.

Currently, I have begun to attempt to start selling teas that are handmade and infused with reiki. It certainly has been a learning curve especially for an online market where I seem to struggle. I sell to friends and have actually done vendor events yet haven't had nearly as much luck on an online platform, but that still has not stopped me from trying, even though it really does make it easier to procrastinate. 

Each tea that I make can take up to two months of study, inquiry, and creation to make. I am always proud to see where that journey takes me and what story it will allow me to create. The most rewarding part of my process will always be the ability to share what I have regardless of who is listening. 


I currently work through Instagram and Esty @ReikiTeasWCM 


A few of my projects are below 

Holistic Practioner - image 1 - student project

Notes for a Holy basil tea I made for the spring equinox. The picture is a print that I made and gave to people I gifted this blend too. 


Holistic Practioner - image 2 - student projectA tri-mint blend with lemon verbena. Often I give this out to people who come to my home for lunch to help with any type of bloating. 


Holistic Practioner - image 3 - student projectChamomile and Rose tea that I made to honor the birth of a friends child. It is named Alivia after her child's namesake. It was a wonderful baby shower gift!

Zackery Wyjadka
Reiki Master and Herbalist