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Holidays Card and Projects

Okay so I want to mention that I have just begun my hand lettering journey and while my lettering is pretty good I still need lots of practice. I wasn't going to put the watercolored piece up becasue I messed up royally or so I thought. In this stage it is important to be vulnerable and step out of your comfort zone. Did it. The hearts there and drawing that shape was unexpectedly awesome.


Just playing with what I had available at the time.

Round 1


Didn't like the negative space at the bottom

So I changed it. This is a bible quote and lately it reminds me to just be content with what I have and see the abundance around me and help others. I imagine this on a serving platter or even on a pumpkin, or mug...I don't know.

I wanted a nice teal but settled for these shades.


I haven't ha much practice with adding weight with script lettering. I work mostly with thick block letters but I must practice script lettering.


Any feedback would be great! I am in love with lettering and watercolor and am working to get it right. You know when I jut hold that brush and just draw or paint I do my best but when I am focused on getting it right I don't. Can you relate?


I just had to try again and will keep practicing till I get it right.

Okay so I have laid the table one to rest...for now.  But I have come up with this jar. Thanks for motivating me to write on an object. I worried about messing up but a masonjar is inexpensive-baby steps right.


November Challenge

I am creating a XMAS card for my family and friends. Here is my first sketching. I let my mind wander and wrote down whatever popped in my head. I came up with ideas that I could use for other projects.

Week 1 Brainstorm



Then this idea


This idea just emerged and I feel its the direction I want to contiune. My next step willl be to work with the layout and think about color.

Week 2

Focus on thiss design and play around with the layout.




Week 3 take a step back and do more research.

Week 4 do more sketches

Take a look and ask myelf what bugs me? What would make this piece better?



I will redo this one more time.


I redid the card and instead of pencil ue watercolor paints. I love it and thank you for poting this session. I have really learned how to work on projects and take time to work on a project rather than many. Now I am thning the whole with should be brouwn. I guess this is where it helps to use photoshop.

Happy Holidays!


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