Holiday - student project

Holiday - image 1 - student project

My name is Diana Margareta Cepleanu, I am 59 years old and I am a painter in Bucharest Romania. I studied painting at the university in Bucharest and then, much later, I tried some children's book illustration. That happened in 2010 when I discovered the art of Roberto Innocenti. So I'm an old painter, but an younger illustrator. Because I love the brush and water techniques, I am very happy to have the opportunity to attend the Yuko Shimizu's class and generally everything she shares with us as an artist. This is mi first Skillshare class.

I do not usually work in ink. Yet before studies painting I worked two yearsin in a textile factory where I drew in ink with the pen. In 2011 - 2012 I discovered the art of Zuko Shimizu and I was excited about the way shi connects traditional with new technology. I love most in her works the warmth of the line.

I started with some exercises. Imitating the teacher!

Holiday - image 2 - student project

Holiday - image 3 - student project

Holiday - image 4 - student project

Then I did some sketches. It's about pine needles and holidays ...

Holiday - image 5 - student project

Holiday - image 6 - student project

For the jeans I used a thicker line and the brush more dry.

Holiday - image 7 - student project

Holiday - image 8 - student project

To the leaves I used a most liquid and quicker line.

Holiday - image 9 - student project

The drawing of the flake has thin and fast lines.

Holiday - image 10 - student project

The globe is painted with shapes more fluid and with a brush loaded.

Holiday - image 11 - student project

The star: very thin lines with dry brush.

Holiday - image 12 - student project

A "friend" pay me a visit.

Holiday - image 13 - student project

Holiday - image 14 - student project


Holiday - image 15 - student project