Isabella Carapella

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Holiday Stationary Set (Looking for critique and feedback on the sketches I have so far)

For this project I decided to create 4 different holiday cards, envelope seals and a cardboard sleeve to package everything together. I started off with writing down everything that I would like on the packaging and ideas of what I would like the copy to include. 


I then gathered some inspiration and created a moodboard with some notes on why I like these pieces and what I could possibly include when creating my designs. I really enjoy the beautiful flourishes that act as a border, how certain lettering/type emphasizes some words over others, to use of ovals and minimal colors.  

After creating the mood board, I picked apart each image I chose. I took notes on why I liked each image and tried to draw some of the different flourishes, letters, and banners that I really enjoyed.

After looking over what my inspirations I wrote down what I would like to include on my sleeve and brainsormed some sayings for the greeting cards.


(Conference call notes and brainstorming notes)

I then sat down and drew from my refereence images, and came up with some (rough) compositions of my own.  I'm still playing with some ideas but I would love any feedback!

(Sketches from memory of reference images)


                                                      (Sketch from reference images)

(Sketch for the front of the sleeve)

(sketch for the sleeve)


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