Holiday Recipe?

Holiday Recipe? - student project

I want something fun from my childhood.  I'm thinking giant oatmeal cookies mom used to make. Or popcorn balls? Oh I will see.

Going with this type of layout.

Holiday Recipe? - image 1 - student project

 Okay so today there were some great moments in my day but  I just felt tired and sick...sick of certain elements in my life and just sick from a cold.

I wanted an easy project and just decided to let myself go.

No strings attached or planning...wander. This project just took on a life of it's own. I didn't want to draw perfect and the little errors give it an even more kid excitement vibe.

I do feel much better. Art has a way of making me feel this way. One of the reasons  I believe we are meant to be.

Holiday Recipe? - image 2 - student project


Some of the lettering like the H in heaven needs work and I see some spacing issues. I had lots of practice with layout.  The oatmeal cookies has some spacing issues. I had fun. I am learning so any feedback would be awesome!

I used colored pencils and card stock. Want to see more of my progress( I'm learning)? Come find me on instagram and my blog. Both links are in my profile.

Holiday Recipe? - image 3 - student project