Holiday Postcard Packets

I'm having trouble uploading photos, but wanted to let y'all know what I ended up doing. I made two different postcards, one for Christmas/Hanukkah, and one for New Year's. I left them blank on the back so my card recipients could mail them if they wanted to, and tied one of each together with bakers' twine and a tag that said they were from my husband and me. I put them in envelopes that I ordered from Paper Source to dress them up a little. So, I figure it is like a card and a "gift" in one... my friends and family can either keep both cards as my holiday greetings to them, or use them to mail cheer to their loved ones. For the less papery or discerning people on my card list (you know, Great Uncle Bob probably doesn't care about mailing his own postcards!), I will just use one of the holiday postcards, write on the back, and mail it with a postcard stamp. That way I kind of have two "levels" of cards to choose from for different people, but both are still personalized and unique.

I didn't handmake the postcards, I did them in Adobe Illustrator and then had them printed on vistaprint.com when they were having big Cyber Monday sales, but I am sure you could get blank postcards at a craft store (surely you can, right?) and stamp or decorate them yourself if you would prefer!

I ordered my tags on Etsy, there are some cute ones on there that you can customize with your name and greeting.

I ordered Christmas-y return address labels from Vistaprint. If you get on their email list, they send you sale discounts pretty frequently, so a set of labels ended up being only $5. I got a design that is a little bit Christmasy but not obviously so (tree branches with red berries), so I can use them the rest of the year too.

I think that is all! If you didn't see my other message to a different board, I would highly recommend taking one of your cards to the post office to see how much it will cost to mail it before you finish all of them. I weighed mine at home and used the online postage calculator, but didn't realize the tags would make them count as "rigid" and so after I had mailed like 29, I happened to bring a few to the post office and the lady happened to pick one up and say "Ooh, that will cost 20 extra cents." OOPS. I know the post office is such a drag this time of year, but it is probably worth the effort! :) :) :)

Hope that helps! Thank you for the class, Nicole! It was fun!



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