Holiday Lettering Project

Holiday Lettering Project - student project

Holiday Lettering Project - image 1 - student projectHoliday Lettering Project - image 2 - student project
Hi Gia,

I really love your work and I enjoyed your class SO much. It’s without a doubt one of the best classes I’ve taken on Skillshare. I loved the way you broke down concepts and explained your techniques.

I am sharing my lettering project and I would love your feedback. In addition to this class I also used your mini tutorial on drop shadows from your newsletter and the December palette play.

I also was wondering, how do you envision a piece from start to finish? I was so committed to adding flowers to my project (I also watched your class on florals) and I think I just got stuck on what to add. I hated everything I drew that I almost abandoned this project, but I decided a simple flair was better than not finishing. I think my mistake was probably not thinking the florals until I finished the lettering and by then the lettering boxed me in a little. Do you have any advice on this?