Holiday Gingerbread Man Pin

Holiday Gingerbread Man Pin - student project

My pin design idea is a holiday gingerbread man.  My wife and I are big Disneyland fans, and during the holidays we really enjoy the holiday overlay in It's A Small World.  We get a kick out of these gingerbread men that are in the ride, so I made a sketch based off their design for the pin:

Holiday Gingerbread Man Pin - image 1 - student project

11/22/16 - Update

I started vectorizing the drawing in Illustrator.  Since I'm still pretty new to the program, I don't know how to do some stuff.  For example, I made the body outline and the head shape, and combined the shapes to create the whole outline.  But I would like to be able to create a "shirt" for the figure.. how can I create a subpiece that I can color a different color than the cookie?  The belt and the cuffs he has are separate shapes that I placed inside and then matched the side curves so they wouldn't overlap with the body.  I'm sure there's a neater way to do this.  :)  Here's where I'm at so far:

Holiday Gingerbread Man Pin - image 2 - student project


I added the black outlike around the swirl as Jon suggested to make it possible to fill a color in should I send this design to be printed.  I still can't figure out how I can combine certain shapes.  I've included a picture.  So I copied the outline path and I copied the cuffs and the belt.  I then deleted the extra lines of the cuffs and belt, and I was hoping to somehow "weld" these into the outline, and then delete the extra points so that I would be left with a shirt shape with the exact outline as the body  Maybe I'm thinking this the wrong way?  Here's an image showing the points I want to weld/connect into the shape outline:

Holiday Gingerbread Man Pin - image 3 - student project