Holiday Display Case

Holiday Display Case - student project

For this project, I will be building a miniature holiday display case using a miniature dollhouse kit available on Amazon.  I will be using an Arduino Nano to display the flames for the miniature fireplace in this display and power the lights on the Christmas tree.  The kit used for this project also comes with the necessary wiring for the miniature lamps included in the kit. These lights are powered separately from the Arduino using AAA batteries. 

Each week, there will be a new video posted to this class demonstrating some of the techniques used to build this display case.


Shopping List

Below are the things I used for this project. Although there are quite a lot of items on this list, you don't need to purchase everything on this list to do this project. You can also use the kit "as is" and maybe add a miniature television screen to display your images.

  1. Flever Dollhouse Miniature DIY House Kit Creative Room With Furniture and Cover for Romantic Artwork Gift (Kitten Diary)
  2. LED Light Emitting Diodes 2-pin (assorted colors)
  3. Soldering iron and rosin core solder 
  4. Arduino Nano 328 with mini USB
  5. Solderless breadboard
  6. TFT Display and SD Card for holding the fireplace images
  7. Mont Marte Air Hardening Modelling Clay
  8. Miniature tree, paints and beads for decorations (optional for decorating the Christmas Tree)


Holiday Display Case - image 1 - student project 

Deborah DeVine