Holiday Collage

Holiday Collage - student project

I decided to create my design around the holiday theme. My source image is a vintage poinsettia botanical [watercolor] by the artist Berthe Hoola Van Nooten and the family type Battleship Light and Black. I should have taken more time with cutting out the image background.  I really loved the class! It has sparked a deeper interest in improving my Photoshop skills.

Some of the white background from original image is noticeable in this dark style but after starring at it and still liking it must mean something positive.

Holiday Collage - image 1 - student project

This soft blue color combination looks classy to me.  I think less opacity on the text might improve it a little.  I can also see this on a card with gold foil.

Holiday Collage - image 2 - student project


Sort of tropical-looking.

Holiday Collage - image 3 - student project

And this is my final product.

Holiday Collage - image 4 - student project