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Holiday Challenge Sweet Summer


I find art prints a huge challenge but really wanted to add a submission to the contest all the same. Happy Holidays everyone!


Ok, so I've finally added all the basics of my project! It was a super busy summer and this happened over a pretty long period of time, stuffed between other projects, summer school, vacation etc! I was incredibly determined to get it done so don't mind if I say "yay". Yay! I'm really happy with the end result and hope others like it too! Above are a few of the inspiration pics I took, the flowers, not the hummingbird! Admittedly I found that online cause there were just none around! Below are a few of the sketches I did...



And here's how it all came together...


A million thanks to Bonnie Christine for such an inspirational and informative class. I loved the course and am thrilled I took it!


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