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Holiday Adventure Map

I designed this holiday photo card and thought it might be a good challenge to play with palettes with the restrictions that it should still have a loose or unconventional holiday feel.

Here's the original design, which I realized after watching the videos is basically triadic:

First I tried playing around the color wheel harmonies, and here's my attempt at quadratic:

I wasn't really loving my manual combinations, so next I went to Kuler and created a couple of compound and triadic palettes there. Then I downloaded and imported those to Illustrator and played around with manually changing out to the new palettes and using Illustrator's Recolor Artwork function. I had the best results by far with Recolor Artwork and even came up with some options using the same palettes. In some cases I wasn't totally happy with the results of the palette once applied to the artwork, so I went back in and played with Saturation and Brightness to tweak certain colors. You can see the original palettes and final palettes below.








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