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Hole Poster

I decided to create a poster for the now defunct band "Hole", because of the richness in content that the band provides through lyrics, videos, and even packaging, I found this band intriguing enough to put their songs on repeat for weeks while brainstorming. 

Looking through posters found on gigposters and official posters, most contain imagery of the band. Usually a photograph, and the band logo. 

Going through their history, I found images of cutouts that were pasted together by the lead singer for gig posters. Usually black and white, but the occasional color and always had some sort of complicated thought scrawled in talking bubbles on the "characters" of the poster. 

I wanted to experiment with different variations of one color, and my intention to make a monocromatic poster was even more solidified once I saw a King Tuff poster. While it was using multiple colors, the idea of colored lineart convinced me to experiment with less colors. (In comparison to work i've done in the past)

Inspiration/Past Hole posters (below):

Eventually I created a bubble map, where I wrote thoughts that came to me (in relation to the band's image, statements, and mission). 

My ideas and research about the band branched out into these kinds of sketches:

  • Illustrations of memorable lyrics ("...want to be the girl with the most cake...", "It smells like girl it smells like girl", "I'm miss world, somebody kill me")
  • "The secret life of success" (the idea that someone who is successful is not all glitter and gold behind the scenes) 
  • Girls in rebellion
  • Evolution of girl to woman (but the girl on the inside is alive) 
  • Things teenagers do in their spare time (i.e watch tv, write in diaries)
  • Showing the band as illustrations (possibly as packaged barbie dolls) 

(sketches pt1 below):

For my second round of sketches, I made a bunch of boxes and forced myself to create a fixed amount of posters without stopping. Many of the things I ended up producing were from the concept of having an underlying message that was strongly about societal standards. (Due to the band's lyrical content being very opposite from the imagery/artwork they use in their cd releases) 

The things that ended up being created were:

  • Illustrations that were combining different album artworks and subjects from various songs. (i.e one poster is of a girl in a tattered victorian dress with her disembodied doll on the floor in front of her) 
  • Images of girls that are in conformity and one single girl that stands out due to her rebellion. (The idea of rebellion once again)
  • A wedding announcement card with a photo of a very controversial couple displayed. (A marriage that was very famous but possibly ended in murder or a very controversial scandal)
  • A very famous female celebrity who is in euphoria of the pleasures of life (taken from photographs on the internet) (this idea only works if the celebrity is well known)
  • The idea that a woman can be anything and anyone she wants to be. (images of shoes to represent that) 
  • The barette with the band's logo on a child's hair.

Second Round of sketches (below):


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