Holding - student project

a poem that demonstrates my knowledge of the first two videos lessons taught. because i want you to actually be able to read what i have written, it is pasted below. thanks.



*let go and release your burdens

Let go your anger,

Embrace peace indwelling;

Cherish what you have

As you release

What weighs you down.


*Holding on

To what weighs me downwards,




And wondering just

Who am i?


*releasing my tears at the altar

As i cry out 

Yet there is only silence,

Why does everything hurt?


Cherish this moment,

Tears and laughter

Are a gift from above.


*singing through the tears

As slowly i begin to release

All that i had bottled up,

All my burdens

Fade away


Here i am once again

On my knees in prayer,

I cry out,

And you answer me…


*Let go and release

And stop holding on

To what you

Were never meant to carry…


Who am i,

Throughout every season

You are holding me

And your love

Helms me upon all sides.


*you are light and darkness,

Because your mercies

Are faithfully renewed

With the dawning of the day;


Until when the tears fade

And laughter becomes me

I will wait as i am 

Holding onto

The One

Who never once has ever

Let go and release me.