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Hold Me Closer, Tiny Dancer

I've always loved this Elton John classic, but I chose this quote because it reminds me of one of the happiest moments of my life. This was the last song played at my wedding. As my new husband and I danced together, our friends and family slowly formed a circle around us. More and more people joined until each and ever guest was circled around us. I've never felt more loved in my whole life :)

I decided to use music as my inspiration. I pulled old theatre, opera, and ballet posters as well as covers of sheet music. I've always loved music and theatre, so it felt like the perfect inspiration.

Here are some of the styles I played with.

I've landed on a combination of serif fonts and scripts with some fun swirled embellishments that feel like they are dancing across the page.

And where I am now...

Update 1: I did an updated sketch to smooth out some of the shapes and extend the flourishes at the bottom of the piece to fill the width.

As I was drawing, I was struggling with the "dancer" a bit. It just isn't feeling quite right so I went back to the sketch pad to try some new things. All very rough (clearly, since I even misspelled the word...), but I'm still a bit stuck. Thoughts?

Update 2: I had a late night idea last night and have been working on it all morning! I thought it could be cool to contain the lettering in the top of a music box. I also took some suggestions to make the word dancer feel more fluid (although I unfortunately lost the cool detail on the E of dancer). I really like where this is going, though want to work on the details that frame the phrase more as well as the box

Update 3: I was struggling a bit with the word dancer as well as the embellishments on the box, so I did a sketch with the box shape and the words "hold me closer tiny" and photo copied it. I then used the photo copy to try some different ways to handle the embellishments and the word dancer (without having to retrace the other pieces over and over again!)

I was liking the direction of one sketch in particular, so did a cleaned up sketch. Here's the latest! 

Update 4: After lots of rounds and changes, I think I'm finally about ready to ink. Any feedback before I do so? Thank you!


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