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Dariela Cruz

Dari Design Studio



Hola Typographic Postcard

I am a graphic designer but have never ventured to do lettering. Although I love lettering and fonts and I am always doodling with words so this class is perfect for me!


I first made little scketches with the word Hola, I wasn't sure what else to write but I love the idea of a Spanish word in a postcard since I am bilingual. I tried to make them all different and polay with variations of what I always do.

The script one I chose is from my own handwriting (3 from left to right).


I made that one bigger (#1). Just doing that in big was a big learning experience, I never thought I could do that!


I then did revisions over revisions to make it as best as I could. I played with the ending of the a, tried to make a loop and make the a with no curve but ended up not liking those options.

One of the best parts I learned was when vectorizing and placing the points with horizontal and vertical handles. That really helps.


While in Illustrator I also tried to change the straight endings of the letters to a small curve but didn't like it. I also ended up making the whole word wider to fit better in the postcard, it is bearly noticeable. I could keep working on it because I see lots of things I want to improve but I didn't have much time to continue so I started coloring!

I am a bright color person and I knew I wanted to add the bold and vibrant colors. I looked for an already made moodboard here.


I experimented with backgrounds, colors and adding some extras to the letters. Since I love stripes and curves I decided to go with the curves. At the end I went to Photoshop to add some extra touch of vignette and color in the letters.


I learned many new things and also unexpected things I thought I already knew in this class, thanks so so much Martina for sharing your process!! I know I will keep using this new skill and making it better every time!

PS: After finishing and compiling together all my scans I realized I vectorized #3 instead of the final #4!! Ooops! Oh well, I am in the process of learning!


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