Gina Mayes




Hola! (Spanish Flashcards)

Well, when I watched the videos (especially in the time-lapse one), what made me feel a little intimidated was all those guides. Silly, I know ... I just wasn't used to working with all those guides because I don't do a whole lot of lettering work, so below you can see my set-up:

I'm a homeschooling mom and don't have time to work on my kids' stuff + do homework (no offense) so I ended up doing the lettering homework for my kids' Spanish flashcards. I started real simple, used the pen tool to quickly form letters, then used the brush and stroke options to give it a rounded look. I took into consideration the whole depth thing so I duplicated the lettering and joined them, adjusting the fill. 

By this point it still looked blah. And the background/color scheme was bothering me so I ended up changing it (you'll see it later). I then added a flourish, using the spiral tool (pretty nifty trick! I can't believe how painless that was.)

So there you have the plain one and the one with flourishes and ornaments. I got rid of the background, changed the color scheme and below is the end result:

I am SO glad I took this class. I for one never noticed that the recolor artwork button was right there on the tool bar (duh). I'm not one of the people who know all the shortcuts, and this class was so helpful! I highly recommend it; made me lose my fear of lettering without using pen and paper as guides.


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