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Hoboken Sunrise



I warmed up the color of the sky and brought out the beautiful rays cutting through the clouds. FYI I'm using Pixelmator for my landscape editing.

  • I used the Light & Dark tool. Lighten Shadows helped me brightened the buildings, while Darken Highlights gave me much more information in the sky.
  • I cropped out some extraneous building stuffs.
  • I added some more blacks in the Levels tool, bringing the black bar all the way to where the histogram began on the left most side of the screen. This gave more detail to the buildings that had been washed away in some of the Light & Dark editing.
  • I also used the Color Balance tool to slightly warm up the picture by slightly moving the bar toward magenta and yellow, but I didn't want to go overboard.
  • Note: I did lost a little color from the buildings, which are a charming shades of blue, yellow, and red brick. I thought it was okay because my main goal was to highlight the sky/sun and make that the focal point. I wonder if it's possible to maintain the colors of the buildings, though.


This portrait made Ryan look like he was a vampire. I made him less undead by bringing some color to his face and, like my landscape, I warmed up the sky to give it a warmer feel. FYI I am using Photoshop to edit my portrait!

  • It really annoys me that I didn't get the full bell of Ryan's trumpet in the shot, but c'est la vie! I straightened the bottom of the railing and took out the bars so it was less distracting. 
  • I added some more reds, magentas, and yellow to bring some life to Ryan's face.
  • I lowered both the brightness and contrast bringing out detail in Ryan's jacket (contrast) and bringing out the reds/pinks the sky (brightness).
  • I didn't really touch the levels, as I liked the balance of colors and lights/darks.


We have pretty awesome rooftop situation. Every fourth of July people come over and we enjoy some good burgers, beautiful fireworks, and the company of great friends.

The other day I put my recently purchased DSLR to good use and did a little photo sesh with my guy, Ryan. (He needed a photo for some publicity and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try out some photog and editing techniques.) Here are a couple of shots that I'll be using throughout the class!

Landscape (unedited)

Portrait (unedited)


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