Hobby artist selling art on the side

Hobby artist selling art on the side - student project

Hi! Thank you for a very nice and informative class.

I am I full time working biologist and have used my artistry as a hobby rather than a career for some years now.

But recently I've been playing with the idea of selling more of my art so it is really nice to get some ideas on marketing etc. I've always found pricing of the art to be especially difficult to decide. But to start, I just opened up a POD store at Redbubble f.ex. and am trying out selling through those since I don't have to decide on the pricing myself. :P

I might expand more in the future but for now that is where I start. Thank you again for a very good class. :) 

I am on Instagram @petrun_art if anyone is interested in following me there. I do a lot of animal art, both wildlife and pets. :)

Hobby artist selling art on the side - image 1 - student project