Hobbit land drawn with Hardy

So, I have read all the other students' comments about how much time this project required for them, but I'm here to save you all. I worked on this image for 5 days, so I guess I am the winner! (drew about 4-6 hours/day). Today I did the final touches so here is my landscape project with some earlier stages.







The finished product


Well, I have to say that even though this was my first landscape and let's say my first "serious" image drawn with a digital tablet I am not a complet beginner. I started drawning when I was a little girl but stopped creating pictures at the time of my high - school ages. I've always admired the fantasy words in video games, books and movies and wanted to join to the creation of these wonderful works. So I bought my first tablet ever, and after the "blind" years I grabbed the pencil again, but this time in the untraditional way. 

Hardy, thank you for your classes, they are just simply amazing. You thought me how to use programs like adobe ps and showed the huge variety and potencial of digital drawing. I can't describe how thankful I am. Continue the great work! 


I'm planning to take all your classes and to draw with you for the whole time. You are my favourite teacher! 


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