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Hobbeshop - A code junkie developer studio

Hello! My name is Moses. I'm currently an animation student living in Los Angeles but I've secretly been a code junkie all my life. I'm going to venture into application development with my company Hobbeshop.

Hobbeshop will be a code junkie collective, producing mobile and web applications with a focus on simple user interfaces and features. I recently switched to a Windows Phone and noticed a glaring gap in app quality compared to other smartphones I've used. I want to fill some of those gaps with thought-provoking and quality applications with a heavy focus on a minimal user interface and feature set. See a need, fill a need.

Good job everyone and best of luck on your projects! Let's all make this count!

Week One: Solidifying your idea - http://gomighty.com/moejerome/solidifying-my-idea/

Week Two: Establishing a Unique Brand - http://gomighty.com/moejerome/establishing-my-unique-brand/

Week Three: Business Basics - http://gomighty.com/moejerome/business-basics-3/

Week Four: Social Media & Maketing - http://gomighty.com/moejerome/social-media-and-marketing-2/


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