HiveMind: Consciousness Party and Education Forum

HiveMind: Consciousness Party and Education Forum - student project

HiveMind: Consciousness Party and Education Forum - image 1 - student project

Here's the website we're building -
HiveMind is a sub-project of the Evolver Network -

I'm currently writing a sponsorship deck to bring in funding for our next event, and starting to learn how to do fundraising and longer rage financial planning.

Project Description:

Welcome to HiveMind, where you can learn with hands-on workshops and talks, connect with like-minded people, receive healing, nutrition, and art, dance, and be.

Every three months Evolver Bay hosts Area this visionary networking festival. Our intention is to bring people together around the convergence of permaculture, alternative economy, visionary art and music, shamanism and technology. Through gathering together and sharing with each other, we build a strong collective action network in the Bay Area and celebrate the brilliance and passion of Evolver community.

Inspiring workshops
Coalition of organizations that
empower local autonomy and global ecological resliency
Community healing rituals
Visionary art
Activating foods - raw cacao, ormus elixirs, and more
Celebration through music, dance, and loving connection

Evolver is for Evolving consciousness, individually and in collaboration. We look forward to waking up with you!

HiveMind: Consciousness Party and Education Forum - image 2 - student project

"What we require is a trans-local movement of civil society, on a global scale, where people come together in local communities to address the complete scope of our situation in 'living learning laboratories,' sharing the best practices and techniques for re-localizing basic production of goods, foodstuffs, and energy. We need a movement away from the industrial-age ideals of growth, toward 'slow living,' toward enhancing the quality of life, and an equitable sharing of resources on a planetary scale.

The Evolver Network provides a prototype for a self-organizing social movement that meshes together local communities who are creating an alternative model for future society, which we call 'The New Planetary Culture.'"

-Daniel Pinchbeck, Evolver Co-Founder and Executive Director

Magenta Evolver Bay Area

Imagination Healer & Social Systems Designer