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Hit the ground relaxing- daily ATM practice

Who Am I and What Am I Doing Here?

I joined this class because I have sky high standards and end up falling off a lot. Routine and Identity are also very central to my current research.

I study the Feldenkrais Method, which is a body awareness education system. It tends to attract performers and those managing pain, but it is suitable for anyone with a body and about an hour to spare. 

Feldenkrais allows students to identify their movement habits and organize to move more efficiently. The Awareness Through Movement component of the practice requires students to make small, effortless movements, usually while lying in the floor. It doesn't require any force, but it does require full focus. 

After throwing around key words like "organization," "ease," and "grace," it has dawned on me that having a daily ATM practice is essential to becoming an adept practitioner. Seems like a no-brainer, but it can take a lot of mental fortitude to be gentle and present even for an hour.

I Like to Dance

When my heart is set on a concept, new technique or teacher, I manage to arrive to dance class. I even went to class once after getting side-swiped by a car on my bicycle. I just couldn't miss it.

Habit Type

Type 1: Upholder  6 Very strong tendency

Type 2: Questioner  5 Strong tendency

Type 3: Rebel  4 Moderate tendency

Type 4: Obliger  3 Small tendency




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