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Abigail Southworth

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History of the Digital Artists' Workspace

When approaching this, I had a few ideas of what direction I could go in, but it took a few weeks (WEEKS) to narrow it down.

My experience with infographics has been limited, and I couldn't get out of my head the cheese wheel! At first all my ideas centered around variations on that type of infographic, but the more I thought about what I wanted to do, my considerations were:

-NO PIE CHARTS. As I couldn't get the cheese wheel out of my head, I knew that if I went down the direction of a pie chart or categorizations in any way, it'd take too much influence from that.

- Illustration heavy. I'm an illustrator as well as designer, so I wanted to do something where I could flex my illustration muscles.

- Fun. Quirky. Not too serious! I wanted to do something I could enjoy, something that interests me.

I had a lot of topics to choose from initially, but they all seemed to broad. I did eventually narrow it down to one, though.


  • Wonder Woman --> how greek mythology relates to wonder woman comics
  • History of comic publishers

Women’s History

History of Quotes


History of Art styles

  •  Critical look at a recent art image, looking at how many style influences I can spot

Digital Painting

  • Web of Software (who’s bought out who, what’s dissappeared)
  • history of digital styles/classifications of digital art
  • daily activities of a digital artist
  • digital art procedures
  • Digital Painting Style progression
  • what kind of digital artist are you
  • history of tablets
  • What drawing tablet is for you?
  • History of the digital artists workspace *** (Let's do this one!)

I had quite a few ideas on the details of this.

- I'll do Illustrations of the desktop of digital artists through the ages- including things from solid research (what kind of computer, tablets, etc.) to more silly specifics, such as novelties things from that era (Trolls!)

- So I don't overwhelm myself and make this too large, will either divy it up via decades or every 5 years, depending on innovations during that time period.

I'm still a little foggy on the overall setup. I did some initial research to see if there would even be enough information to get started, but I still have a ways to go.



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