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Historical building in my town

6th post (2016-01-20)

Finished the whole animation, played around with when to start the different elements.

It was finding a balance between to much happening at once and spreading everything out more but that would make it more dull and longer in time.

I also had tot take into account the 500 frame limit of making an animated gif in photoshop, so that was my max time for build up and the reverse part together.

Attached a Animated GIF and an HD Vimeo link


5th post (2016-01-17)

Done brining everything into seperate layers and brining them to after effects.

Stated with animating the body of the building. attached GIF is a first draft of the animation.

Also attaced a screenshot of the layer panel in illustrator.



4th post (2016-01-17)

Made lines for Shingles (roof) and the brick wall, only gonna do horizontal line.

Busy now naming layers in prep to go to after effects.


3rd post (2016-01-13, illustrator phase nearly done)

Had a realy productive evening with a nice flow :)
I filled in my line drawing with colors, and added different shapes to build up the parts (like first the window frame, then the glas).

I quite like the result, the next step is to do some touch up, and add some extra detail (a lantarn, plants, etc).
Also next is to fix some potential errors / difficulties in the animating phase by making some shapes smarter (like a single line instead of a rectangular shape (the framing of the main entrance door))

Also the wall and roof tiling I have to think a bit how I want to animate those.

Last final step will be cleaning up and layering and naming the illustrator file.


2nd post (2016-01-13, small update)

I draw the basic shapes into illustrator, going to color them now and add extra shapes where necesary.


1st post (2016-01-13)

Finally started my project, this was one of my first classes on Skillshare that I watched, but never came around to make a project.

I thought a lot of what to make.

In my home town there are some great historical buildings. (Courthouse, church, fortress and a nice architectural building)

I decided to go first with the courthouse, it is called "Het Rechthuis" the town is Uithoorn, in The Netherlands. 
(Some english info at this link: http://www.hotels.nl/uithoorn/rechthuisaandenamstel/ )

Google Streetview link


Attached a mood board with some additional info and images.

I really like the building, it has a lot of detail that can be split up into parts.



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