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Historic Shrewsbury

Hello. First of all, thanks Tom, your tutorial caught my eye, promising to be both interesting and useful: I love illustrated maps. It turned out to be all that and more. I really enjoyed your teaching style too – gentle, patient, and thorough. In the past I have always gravitated towards Illustrator as an app – I find it easier to understand and manage - so not only was this fun to follow but it also opened up the potential of Photoshop a little more to me. Will definitely experiment more with it.

I have lived in Shrewsbury, UK for a number of years now. It is a historic town perhaps best known for being the birthplace of Charles Darwin. I wanted my map to reflect some of the buildings that I enjoy here and give others a sense of the town’s character. Consequently, you might say it’s not such a deeply personal map.

The colour palette originated in the amber and royal blue of the town’s crest but I dialled these colours right down to be more in keeping with the gentle historic nature of the place. I then improvised on these. I also incorporated the old welcome sign because it seemed more appropriate than the one that is currently used.

I included as much of my own handcrafted type as possible but fell back on digital type for some of the labels – my own handwriting wasn’t really doing it for me. You know how it is when you’ve created something; your eye immediately goes to the flaws, those elements that could be better.

It has taken me a few days, off and on, to complete but it’s been really absorbing and great fun. Thanks again!



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