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His Majesty's Dragon

I had a terrible time choosing a book (it's like choosing your favourite child!) but I've read this one several times and it's fun and has some interesting themes that run through the series on equality and equal rights. It is also full of charming characters and has the interesting premise of placing dragons in the Napoleonic wars. Going to give it a quick re-read and start my notes.

I finished my re-read and notes and started sketching. Not happy with anything at this point. It all seems rather literal and overwrought to me. 

Above is a page of (mostly bad) ideas. 

Spoilers ahead!

At the start of the book a British warship captures a French ship and part of the bounty is a dragon egg. This sketch superimposes the N on the egg and it is capped by the crown. Duty to the crown is a primary theme of the book.

This one is both too reminiscent of the actual cover of the book and also the N is kind of lost.

This I like better. 

This I like the left but not the right. It's similar to the one above it. Maybe a combination of the two?

This puts far too much weight to the left I think.

feedback is more than welcome!


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