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His Last Hope



Calista Hale has her hands full. Being a senior, juggling a part-time job, and a social life can be stressful. Especially stressful when you’re stuck washing dishes for a good chunk of your day. Add the rebel-without-a-cause who refuses to be tutored into the mix and well — it just turns out to be downright impossible. But what happens when the rebel has a cause after all? People have it rough all over and soon Calista realizes that not everything is as plain as it seems. Lincoln Pierce is anything but plain. Incredibly infuriating, but never plain.

And as it turns out, she might be his last hope.


"I still can't get over the fact he has a baby sister! I just can't. This makes him ten times more attractive." Ella continued to ramble unintelligently about yesterday's find. During my hasty phone call to her last night I expected her to be shocked by the findings, but not quite in this way.

"Who cares about his rising rating based on your attracto-meter." I scoffed before mumbling, "I still can't process how the two are related."

"What I'm perplexed about is why we're sitting in my car spying on him and wasting a perfectly good lunch period." Harper looked just about to fall asleep out of sheer boredom from her spot in the driver's seat. 

"Yeah, good question. Why are we spying on our good friend Pierce? Not that I'm complaining or anything." Ella pitched in from the back seat. She scooted as close to the front of Harper's civic as possible. Both her elbows rested on the front seats. Every time she got super excited about Lincoln having a baby sister she would bounce up in down, effectively giving me a jarring jab. 

Ella could be a pain in my neck. Literally.

To be honest, this stakeout wasn't planned. On our way back from a Timmy's run I just so happened to spot Lincoln and his group of friends when we parked. Instead of rushing back into the school, I couldn't help but feel like I needed to stay and figure him out. Well, try. At least across the parking lot I was a safe enough distance away from getting the evil eye. 

"I just feel sort of guilty."

"Oh no," Harper groaned while wiping her hand down her face, "not this again."

Cocking my head in Harper's direction, I mustered an annoyed look. "Yes, this again. Look," I shifted. "I don't feel guilty towards him. I feel bad more so for his sister."

I fixed myself to sit properly in my seat once more. Lincoln and his friends were still huddled against the back of the school building to help protect from the cold. A few among the group continued to puff away, the little amount of smoke they produced being dragged away viciously by winter's breath. 

Ella rested her head on the arm she had on Harper's seat. "Why his sister? It's not like she's the one flunking biology." 

"I guess it has to do with the fact that I might be able to indirectly help her. I've told you guys about Sadie, like how she has all these fears, with things as trivial as flowers and men."

"I would argue that men aren't exactly a trivial fear..." Harper argued but I pressed forward.

"Or how sometimes she'll come to the daycare wearing the same clothes multiple times a week. It's just that I know there has to be issues going on at home and by helping Lincoln I'd be helping her, you know?" 

The interior of the car stayed quiet and I began picking at loose threads off my gloves. Without any feedback I began to feel worried that I had made as much sense as Ella when she babbles on about her theory on how bananas came to be. Or in other words, 'Mother Nature's sex toy'.

"It doesn't make any sense does it?" 

"No, I get it." Harper finally spoke while Ella gently swatted at my picking fingers. "I get you want to help her. By helping Lincoln get into a better situation, it will help Sadie in the long run. If Lincoln actually passes high school and pursues something in his life, he can help better provide for his sister. I really do get that. I just hope you don't lose sleep over this when Lincoln rejects your help again." 

"Well, aren't you just radiating rainbows and sunshine?" Ella sassed with her head still poking between the seats.

"Do you expect me to lie to her? There's a very good probability that he's going to shut down her proposal. Actually, there's like a ninety-nine point three percent chance that he'll reject her help again."

"You could at least be supportive."

"I am being supportive, as well as, realistic."

A sigh of exasperation escaped my chapped lips at the tell-tale sign of an argument brewing. Not feeling like playing referee I decided to let the two battle it out. It's good for friends to fight sometimes, right? 

Shifting to rest my elbow on the door's armrest, I went back to people watching. I let my beanie covered head drop to my palm as I shamelessly proceeded to eye Lincoln. 

Lincoln Pierce was an animal who preyed on the weak. This much I knew. He proved that to me with the seemingly never ending abuse he used to tell me to back off. Watching him now, however, among his friends, Lincoln seemed human. Almost ordinary. A human being with a family and friends and probably issues of his own. I suppose that's the reasoning I had for spying on him, to prove to myself that he was human too. 

"I didn't see you saying anything."

"I was thinking of something positive to say, something to encourage her. Unlike someone else I know. Specifically, someone sitting in the front with an olive green parka that is so 2011." 

"I'm not meant to be the optimist in our group of friends! That's Calista's job."

Clearing my throat and raising a brow towards my bickering best friends, I asked, "Are you two done yet?"

When attention was focused on me and silence overtook the car I continued. 

"Good, 'cause it's getting cold in here."

The three of us didn't waste any time clambering out of Harper's car and booking it across the parking lot and around to the front of the school. We had just finished cleaning out our snow infested boots on the lake that was the front carpet when Ella let out a curse. 

"What?" Harper and I questioned in sync. 

"I forgot my purse in your car." 

"How did you forget your bag of all things?" 

"I just did, okay? Hand me your keys." Ella demanded, palm open and waiting. 

"Yeah... I don't think so." 

"What do you mean 'I don't think so'?" Ella mimicked in the manliest voice she had to offer and a head bobble. 

"Harper rolled her eyes at our blonde friend. "I don't trust you with my keys. Knowing your luck you'll trip and they'll go flying to Lake Michigan."

"That isn't even possible. Just hand them over."

"Not happening."

"Fine, then you go out there." 

"Uh. Negative."

At this point Ella looked like an enraged bull puffing air through her nose. "You know what Harper, sometimes your use of military lingo really -"

Not feeling like enduring another pointless verbal battle I swiped Harper's laniard from her fingers. "I'll be right back!" 

Harper hardly seems phased by the theft. "Alright, just don't forget to double lock. The back doors tend to be stubborn." 

"Oh, so you trust her with your beloved keys but not me?" 

"Do you blame me?"


Thankfully, that's all I heard before pushing my way through the front doors of the school building. The air was nipping at my bare face and already chapped lips. I truly despised the length of Canadian winter weather.

Wanting to get back inside as quickly as possible without breaking my leg on a patch of ice, I sped walked to Harper's Honda. I managed to make it to the back lot near the new football field in under a minute. The tips of my fingers were hiding away in my pockets, fiddling with the keys and ready to unlock the doors once I was close enough. 

That is, until I heard shouting coming from the back entrance of the school.

Awkwardly, I tried turning my head towards the uproar and ended up having to turn my entire body due to the my turtle-like posture. 

A ring of pumped teenaged boys cried out in encouragement off to the side of the back doors. Strings of curses and shouts met my ears despite warring against the wind. The movement from within the circle, however, is what enticed me forward. 

"Your mother's the head nurse at the hospital right? I might have to pay her a visit after I'm done kicking her son's ass." 

Hopping on my tiptoes behind teenage boys almost double my height just wasn't cutting it. With a few gentle shoves and unheard excuse me's I was able to fight my way through to the centre. Getting through the rave of people was harder than anticipated but once I got through I was wishing I had minded my own business.

Lincoln was squared up against Dominic Silva, our school's very own personal shit disturber. The two were grappling, swinging each other around like a pair of rag dolls. Dominic hit the ground first, his sweat shirt rising, skin scrapping against the frozen asphalt. 

The fact that Dominic was on the ground made no difference, instead Lincoln wasted no time. He sat the fallen boy up only to batter at his cheekbones with enough force to demolish a wall. 

Dominic blindly searched around him with his left hand as his face took a beating. His hand made contact with a chunk of heavy ice behind him. Without a second's hesitation, he struck out with the block of ice to the side of Lincoln's head. The distraction served him well enough to escape and get himself back on his feet. Lincoln had stalled the assault to shake himself out of the daze. His right eye winced as the blow to his temple spread through his head.

Clearly aggravated, Lincoln grabbed the chunk of frozen water and carelessly chucked it into the crowd of rowdy spectators. Within moments the two were back at circling each other like blood thirsty animals. Dominic occasionally spat, staining the little snow around him, but never once did he take his eyes off his opponent.

Within a blink of an eye the two were back at it, pummelling each other to a bloody pulp, not even paying mind to who ever's phone fell between them. The once pristine blackberry cracked under the pressure of the two pairs of jostling feet. The crunching of the shattering glass and scraping of the case could be heard over the uproar surrounding me until Dominic's foot shot out and kicked the damaged device into a pile of snow to get it out of the way.

The brawl continued on and all I could do was watch on in a complete state of shock. Don't get me wrong, this wouldn't have been the first fight I ever witnessed, it happened quite often within an institution swimming in testosterone. I'd just never seen a fight like the one before me; so full of blood, so full of hatred.

I clasped a hand over my mouth when Dominic's fist met with the base of Lincoln's jaw. In a matter of seconds blood trickled down Lincoln's stubbled chin.

My mind raced. What were they fighting about? Why was no one stopping it? What would Sadie say if she saw her brother like this? 

"Stop!" No matter how loudly I yelled, it fell upon deaf ears. The roaring around me drowned out my attempts bringing the madness to a halt. 

"For fuck sakes, stop!"

Target Audience: 

His Last Hope is a novel directed towards young women in their teenage years, 15-19 to be more specific. The main character, Calista Hale, is your average high schooler going through the motions of life. She goes to school, has a part-time job, and struggles to make time for everything else in between. At the time of brainstorming for His Last Hope I was Calista's age and therefore, a lot of what she thinks, does and, goes through are your typical adolencent struggles. Besides the one very big issue that is Lincoln Pierce. Thankfully, not many of us had to deal with one of him. 

By Wattpad's analytics: 72% of my readers are female (1% are male and 27% are "private") Readers between the ages 13 and 25 make up 63% of my readers -- 40% being 13-18. (4% are 25-35, 1% are 35-45, and 33% are private accounts.) So in terms of target audience I seem to be headed in the right direction. 


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