I've been trying to use my tombow pens more so this was a great excuse to get em out. 

I've also been keen to get some editorial practise so I took an article from the guardian that I thought would fit this project to theme my illustration around. I chose this one http://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/jun/08/am-i-a-hipster-google about hipsters. 

I find that my towbow pens bleed quite a lot when you overlap them and I like clean lines so I used water colour pencils over the top of them. I really like the colours and textures it gives. 

I pretty happy with the finished result. I get a bit frustrated that my scanner seems to loose some of the textures of the pens and tends to over saturate the colours, after spending hours in photoshop trying to correct this I am just learning to live with it!

Thanks for the class and heres my final. 



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