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Hipster in denial


Okay here's the start of my project! I've been sitting on a few ideas recently and I'm really glad I took this class as it seemed to make those ideas tip closer to reality. Above is some notes I made for the main character of my comic who is based on myself.

To expand on that and case my hand writing is completely illegible:

1) Nerdy about odd things - Languages, art etc.

2) Easily impressed

3) Obsessive compulsive

4) A bit needy

5) Tries to adopt a persona of happiness and positivity


Here are some of the first sketches of my character, I've known what I want him to look like for a while so this wasn't overly difficult, still needs a but of refinement though!


Coming across some issues, drawing my character consistently is one, but also I've realised my expressions are far too mundane. Good job there's a bunch more classes on skillshare to find. :D

Totes not addicted I swear.


I've been messing around with Sai recently and I'm really loving it. Everything looks so lovely and painterly <3

I quite like the sketch on the right. I feel like it allows me to variate the features more when it comes to expression, which will be really important for the final.


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