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Hipster Unicorn

I've always wanted to make a soft enamel pin, and I don't get to use Illustrator that often, so I was very excited to see this class

1)  There were so many inspiring soft enamel pins on Pinterest.  I especially loved the ones that the artists made card backings for - super cool!  The book and quill one is so detailed - I also liked the style of the goth mermaid pin and the bright colors of the push up pops


2) My fav pin on the http://www.applemetalcn.com/ website was this one because it demonstrates some great color options - I'd love to use some bright colors in my own design.


3) Sketches coming soon - I'm going off the favorite animal theme.  I'd like to do something involving a unicorn.  I have a tshirt design called "Hipster Unicorn" that I might redraw and modify into pin format. 


I did some sketching to explore what I could reasonably include on a small pin.  I also brainstormed the shape of the pin itself and what kind of tattoo I wanted to go with. 


The finished pin!  I'm really happy with how it came out, and was glad I got a chance to use Illustrator since it's out of my comfort zone and I usually use Photoshop for everything.  Thanks for the class!



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