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Jhenn Whalen

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Hipster Rat Holiday

Hello, all!

I'm very excited to be in this class and learn more about the photoshop/tablet process. I don't have a scanner, so I'll be sketching directly into PS. My experience is very limited, so this is great practice.

The subject is an old pet rat, Artemis. He's a quirky one, and very sweet, but not very great at posing. I thought it'd be nice to do a last-minute holiday card with him as the subject. Previously, I made some t-shirt designs of a character based on Artie called "Hipster Rat," so I think I'll follow the same character. 

Here are some of my reference pictures



I did my best conceptualizing some poses. Here are the three main thumbnails I was considering using


Design cleaned up, here. I moved the tree since it was compromising the readability of the silhouette.



Having lots of fun with textures and patterns, as you can see.

But why stop there, I want to make a postcard!



I learned so much with this project and most of the functions were new to me, so it was slow going. I'm happy to receive any feedback to improve! Cheers~


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