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Starting off with watching Denis's videos, I was able to fully feel the way a professional would start off with a project, I enjoyed seeing that as it was helpful to me in deciding. I was really excited to try out a new technique and get ready to start on my project, but... I've never liked the pen settings in photoshop and could never enjoy using it to sketch or draw. Luckily, I'm able to collaborate with the other students on this project and I learned a few tips, now I am excited to use photoshop again, in a new way. 

I began thinking of making some time of fantasy character, such as a wizard, or an elf, but I had tried wizards and elves a lot, so I decided on Hippies. 

Started off with circles for the stomachs and added simple shapes to each to find out which physiques I could choose from. I liked seeing Denis do this, I will most likely start this way for now on.  

After seeing basic physiques, I moved on to a pose, I chose hippies so I started my first just laying in the grass appreciating life. The next hippie I wanted to try and show excitement, enjoying the sun. The third which is what I am choosing is a hippie dancing with a smelling a flower, and last was in meditation.

After completing more steps my hippie is starting to look more like a real character. I followed my shapes and added some detail.

Checked Anatomy


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