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Hippie co-op preschool logo

Update 2/23:

After a break due to illness in the house I was really ready to jump back into my project.  This is where I've gone with it.  I realize you had color in a later step, but as I had the coloring sort of set since conception and I'm also working with the guidelines of the Director's vision, I decided to color it as I went.  I'd decided against the hand drawn look of the tree trunk and removed the sapling as I didn't feel like it really worked to communicate the idea of a parent and child., but I still missed the sweetness.  I think this version is much smoother, and I am actually starting to feel pleased with how it's turning out.  In fact, this might be really close to my final version! 

Update 2/04: I've finally settled on some ideas.  Here's a sort of mockup of where I'm trying to head.  I think that I'd like to fill out the leaves more, probably with size rather than number of leaves.  I considered trying to give them shading, but since I'd like this to eventually translate to letterhead, school shirts, etc, I decided a simple 2-3 colored shape would be best.

I'm also not completely happy with the shape and roughness of the tree, but I wanted a general idea to work with.   I definitely feel better about where I'm heading than I did.  I took your advice and trimmed the sapling.  I liked the sweetness of the *idea*, but I could never get it to translate quite the way it did in my head.  

I chose a simple, clean font sort of reminiscent of school work (in fact, it's called "Print Clearly" and one of the variations is a dashed-line version for handwriting practice) but without being too cutesy.  

Update 01/03: I spent some time sketching tonight.  I'm not sure if this the ultimate design I'll settle on, but I'm actually quite happy with the progress I made with this first batch.  Though personally I prefer an aesthetic that's a bit more stylized and simplistic (think apple icon), it doesn't really communicate the mission of the school or the sensibilities of the director.  That has been an interesting lesson for me, as well! 
Here is my first batch of sketches, including the one I liked best which I've given a once-over in ink to help bring it out a bit more:


I've been asked to help develop a logo for our sweet but tiny cooperative preschool.  We're going through a re-branding with a new director who wants to really focus on non-traditional education styles (Montessori, Waldorf, etc) and who has a real passion for Green and Natural living.   Our name is just "[Cityname] Cooperative Preschool," so I'd like to draw on our slogan which is "Where families grow together."  In this vein of thought, I'm imagining something green, growing, and organic. 

I'd like to use these well-known logos as style inspiration.  I like the simplicity, slightly abstract art of many of them and the repeating, nested shapes that evoke a parent and child.  I specifically want to do one non-gendered parent and one child because no two familie are the same and I want our logo to feel as inclusive as possible. 

However, that being said, I do *not* want to go the traditional route of a family holding hands in silhouette in primary colors or primary colored handprints, etc.  I want our logo to read as "nurturing" more than "preschool."  I'm picturing organic elements like leaves, trees, flowers, etc. and probably in one color or perhaps tone on tone nested shapes.  I want to create a sort of round badge logo that makes use of the negative space to complete the picture and something that could also translate easily to black and white for letterhead/school t shirt/business card type purposes.  

These are some inspiration logos I've seen and collected into another (very quick, very bad) collage:


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