Hip-hip-pirate !

Hello Everybody !

Finding Inspiration

I've created a special board on pinterest.
I've found a lot of great illustrations that i really love !

My inspiration board 


With my 2 little boys, I often read great stories about pirates…
So I've chosen to transform their fluffy hippo into a pirate ;-)

The first sketch :
The fluffy hip-hippo-pirate has already find the treasure…
But the daddy wasn't agree with that…
"A pirate is on the sea ! "
Ok ;-) 

OK … so on a boat…



Rendering in Photoshop + light

And voilà !

I'm not sure about the color : it's very hard for me to create a great swatch ;) but i've tried !

Thank you Matt Kaufenberg for your tips, advices… I've learnt so much !


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