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Hip Hop

So I wanted to come up with a quote or phrase relating to beer because over the last couple of years I have gotten really into tasting differnt varieties.  I'm no longer the college kid that drinks Natty Light (Don't judge.  It was my water repacement in beer pong) and have a real love for hops now.  I have been experimenting with hand lettering for quite a few years now so I felt it was long overdue to look at my peers in this field for guidance and perspecive on process.


I started out with long quotes and never could seem to get it short enough to my liking until I watched Mary Kate's video on keywords for a mood board.  You can see it was at the end of my list that I jotted down "hops" and that's when a light bulb went off.  I began thinking of a play on words with "hop" and as an avid music lover "Hip Hop" came into mind first.  How's that for keeping my phrase under 10-15 words!?  I know it's short but it's going to give me a chance to really focus on not only my lettering style, but the illustration I have in mind (see thumnail and sketch that I managed to scribble down in a meeting today).

Just got home and threw together a mood board!  I went through Dribbble, Pinterest, and of course ol' reliable, Google images.


So I turned on some jams, made a pot of coffee and went to town on my sketch.



& here it is inked up!


After finishing it I realized two things I would do different if I started over...

1. Because of the space below the bowl of the P, the top H & P look awkward as a paste-up arch.  I probably should have treated the top H & P the same as the bottom (straight across).  I wanted to give it variety with the paste-up, but I could have easily given each H & P a different stylization to achieve this.
2. I will use a non-textured paper for pieces that I intend to digitize.  I usually would but all I had on hand was a cold-press watercolor paper.  Oops!

I felt like it needing a little more contrast between the animated hop and the words.


So this is where the first class project comes to and end. :)

Here's my vectorized final piece!



SooooOoOo much fun!  Thanks Mary Kate!


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