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Hip-Hop is not Dead Concert/Tour

The way I discovered Karmaloop was not by browing around on a fashion blogger's Youtube channel or by asking a friend where she got her new Jeffery Cambell's from. Karmaloop came into my life when I had the opportunity to see my favorite rapper perform- Kendrick Lamar as the headlining artist of Karamloop's Campus Verge Tour. It was not until I attended the concert and had the time of my life when I decided to google the word Karmaloop and enter into the world that it had to offer- urban fashion that is just my style. 

Me, being the shopaholic that I am, try to keep up with the latest online shops where I can buy unique clothing that is different from the types of clothes that my peers are wearing. However, after I attended the concert, I asked my friends and acquaintances if they have heard of Karmaloop, and they all gave me the same reply...no. The question then becomes how can Karmaloop gain the interest of the consumers who are not only interested in urban wear, but the urban lifestyle as well.

One way to gain more consumers is by re-creating the way I discovered Karamloop, but with a twist. The Hip-Hop is not Dead Concert/Tour would not only gain those who are into urban fashion, but also those who want to promote and maintain the urban lifestyle as well. The concert/tour would be a benefit concert that helps inner-city schools to maintain their music, literary, and art classes. The concert/tour would also be consumer interactive by allowing the Karmaloop customers the ability to pick the opening artist for the headlining artist. 

Anyone can optain a concert/tour ticket when they purchase a sweatshirt or t-shirt that would have the zombie picture on it. All the ticket sales would go on to benefit creative education in inner-city schools because as Lupe Fiasco mentions that Hip-Hop saved his live, so why not let it save someone elses. Those who have purchased the ticket can use the UPC as a promo code be obtain discounts items on the Karmaloop website.

This type of marketing tool will gain the following consumers:

  • The fashion savvy social activist
  • Those who want to maintain the urban lifestyle, but know nothing about Karmaloop
  • Those who wish to become successful in the Hip-Hop industry
  • Up and coming Hip-Hop artist

I believe that Karamaloop has the capability of becoming the number one site for not only urban wear, but the urban lifestyle as well. The trend now is to give back, and this is Karmaloop's way of giving back by mixing music, fashion, and social activism. 

This link below provides more details of how the tour would be constructed: 



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