Hip-Hop Viewpoint

Hip-Hop Viewpoint serves as both a reference tool and database for everyone from hip-hop entusiasts to curious non-listeners. It allows users to discover hip-hop in a whole new way by categorizing lyrics by the issues they address. Wanna know how hip-hop feels about poverty, Hurricane Katrina, foreign relations, etc.? Simply pick your topic/issue and start reading. 

The Problem:

Due in part to hip-hop’s heavy use of words and lyricism, many people who aren’t particularly of the culture find it hard to listen to and end up writing it off as mindless rambling. So if you're not taking one of the hip-hop courses offered at Harvard and don't listen to much rap, how can you have any idea of what it's saying?



Hip-Hop Viewpoint allows users to search an archive of hip-hop lyrics that are categorized by the topics in which they address.



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