Hip Hop Environmental Portrait Shot

Hello Everyone,

My name is Brandon Haynes. First off Mannion thank you for taking the time to conduct this class.  Greatly appricate the service you are providing to us all.  I work as a music photographer who focus strongly in live shows and portrait based work.

The shoot I am doing is for a actual indie hip hop artist.  The goal is to capture photos which are somewhat reflective of his new body of work which he is set to release in the coming months.  We agreed on a photo(s) which are uplifting, a serious tone, and yet mysterious. The photos will also be refined, contrasty, and punchy through the use of lighting and clothing styled.

Below are photos which serve as a form of a mood board.

I would be aiming for a darker green.


Will be aiming for this kind of lighting.

3. Tone

Aiming to capture a range of these emotions.

4. Framing/Composition

Not looking to duplicate the framing to a t, rather use them as a guideline.

Thats all for my mood board right now.


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