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Hillside Winery

For this class I have dusted off a project from my undergrad a few years ago. The site had some very dynamic topography and I was never able to illustrate it how I envisioned it. I have only finished one thumbnail sketch (which is probably too detailed) but I already feel like I will be able to achieve the contrasting landforms I desire.

I have found it to be very helpful to keep fliping the canvas and zooming in and out as Jonas suggested. In addition to the free brushes he provided I bought the speed paint toolbar he designed, and it has been useful. I figure I might as well learn to use it while I am learning to paint in PS.

Here are a few of my concept images...

concept image   concept image

actual aerials, and birds-eye views of the site...


and my progress on the first thumbnail...


I have enjoyed the class so far! Please feel free to provide feedback or suggestions for other thumbnails!


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