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Hillary Design Co - student project

Website: https://www.hilldeg.com/

Design Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hilldsign/


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Mornin’ Sunshine! I’m Hillary, a visual designer in Vancouver, BC with a focus on branding & digital who loves solving business problems with clean, colorful, good-lookin' solutions. I turned my six-year side-hustle into full-time freelance during my move to Vancouver. I focus on solving the problem at hand with the tools that fit best -- whether that be branding & packaging, digital prototypes, or illustrations & graphics. I love a good challenge, get stuff done, and learn with boundless curiosity


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Excited to learn more about running a creative business and introduce myself!

1. What are you trying to achieve with your art business?

I'm trying to gain clients & skills that will allow me to focus in on my creative passions! These typically revolve around branding for small companies, wine labels & packaging, and encouraging illustrations & lettering.

2. What makes you and/or your art unique? What strengths or advantages do you have that others may not?

Great question! I lean into my positive outlook and optimistic attitude towards new challenges in order to find the solution that fits best -- not the one that seems easiest. I actively listen and care about what my clients are trying to tell their customers & audience. My 6+ years of building on my design skills strengthens the value I can bring to my clients -- they know they will get someone who is not only excited to find new solutions, but can deliver with quality and speed.

3. Explain in a sentence or two, what you hope to get help with from a 1:1 consultation with Brooke?'

I would love the chance to speak 1-on-1 with Brooke about specific ways I can engage a targeted audience, and find the right niche for my business. I enjoy working throughout a wide range of design projects, and would enjoy listening to guidance on which area to zoom into in order to build genuine connections with clients, and especially other designers in the space. Thank you for the consideration!

Hillary Degenkolb

Brand Designer & Illustrator at Shogun