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Ashley Whitlatch

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Hiking in the Budapest Hills - Winter

I recently felt inspired after taking a couple Instagram and Mobile photography classes here on skillshare, and decided to create a travel only Instagram account. I've been a huge fan of Instagram since its launch, but I used it primarily for editing in the beginning, and had a private account until a couple years ago. Since I love mobile photography, and take pictures everywhere I go, I post on a variety of subjects, interests, etc. and other than my friends, people don't really care about the minutia of my life. :)

I finally decided that I had enough content from my travels to create a focused account on my adventures, primarily featuring landscapes, architecture, and hidden gems. For my class project, I'm sharing three photographs I took while hiking in the Buda hills outside Budapest, Hungary the winter of 2014. It was magical. Crispy cold, with most wafting among the branches and craggy rocks. Perfect for a winter's tale. :)

Feel free to follow my adventures: www.instagram.com/ashley.whitlatch





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