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Hiking and ??

I have really bad memory so these stories are pretty recent. 

1. My hike to Cortona in Italy. The beginning was a steep hill/mountain side that knocked me right out. I was one of the straggelers and it took all my will power to get to the top. My professor was rooting for me/making fun of me the whole way up. After that it was a semi-breeze. It was very beautiful looking out ove the Tuscan country. Near the end we had to go down this "trail". It was SO small. One person could barely fit through at a time. There were torn bushes smacking me in the face, slippery rocks and water where I could trip the whole way down. I was ankle deep in mud at one point and bees flying around me. It makes for great illustrations.

2. I'll think about this one in class...


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