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Highway - Senior Trips 2014


Highway is a student travel agency based in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. We developed a project a few years ago focusing on the trips that seniors make after they graduate from high school. We work throughout the year contacting schools, because in the summer everything takes place. For 3-4 days we take them to a hotel producing exciting events such as pool parties, beach parties, and taking them to the best clubs in our country. This goes on for 2 weeks, having some schools arrive and leave in 3 days, and then receiving more schools after those leave. It has been a very successfull project for us due to the fact that in only 2 years we have been able to take more that 2,000 students each year to their senior trips! We have been able to take down our biggest competitor in the country, who have been in the market for more than 5 years. 


My name is Melissa and in this project we want to make a presentation which we are going to present live next week to the students who graduate this year 2013-2014. Some of the texts will be in spanish but I know you will feel the vibe we are trying to portray. This presentation will be one of the biggest tools we will have to really get to this students, presenting to them who we are, what we offer and how we offer it, which is what makes the difference between us and anyone else. We want to let them know we are the best option for them, and also that if they leave with us, they will have the best experience in their lives. We will not use internet photos, we will use photos and videos from previous years, which I believe is a great idea because we will not sell a dream, we will show them reality!

Well, enough talking and more action. LET'S GET STARTED!

1) I made a cover photo to represent the project:

AUDIENCE: Students in their senior year in the Dominican Republic. 



1)Headline: We decided to create a headline that would also work as a hashtag in Twitter and Instagram, something students could relate with.


2) What's the point of the students being here in this presentation?

They are here because we want to present to them our project. We want them to see who we are and what we can offer to make their lives easier and better. This time we will present to them their possible BEST senior trip ever that will rock their lives.  

3) Why should they care listening to us?

Highway is the biggest and most successfull project we have ever had. We work very hard throughout the year putting all our effort to make the students have the best time of their lives. We book the best dj's in the country, we take them to best clubs, we produce the biggest events in that market and we even hope this year to bring a well-known international dj to one of our beach parties, all this happening during their trip. We are working very hard for this because the biggest reward we have each year is the feedback we get from each of the students who travel with us. We have students who say those have been the best days of their lives, we have others who say they wish they could rewind everything back and live it all again, and we even have some who say they will come back the next year, and the year after the next one, and even the next year after the next after the next year. It's all very crazy, but it's also worthwile, we believe they will never regret their decision. 


1) The problem/ what they are needing:

The problem here is that students each year have to take time to book hotels, book buses to take them to the hotels, buy expensive tickets to get into clubs, etc. This makes them waste time that they could be using to have fun with their classmates and having memories of their senior year.

On the other hand is the issue of the parents. Parents don't like letting their kids go alone to a hotel where they will be with other people who are strangers to them, anything could happen to them, so what the parents do is they accompany them, which makes the trip a lot less funner.

Last but not least, fine, they go to a hotel, they go to clubs, but what will happen in the hotel? How will they enjoy their stay? Tanning theirselves and going in the pool? What activities are they gonna do that will make them really enjoy their stay?

2, 3) The solution/ Recommendation

We have the perfect solution to this. We offer booking the hotels, we also book the buses that will take them to the hotel and we will also book the entrances to the best clubs, all this at an unbeatable price with the greatest quality they could ever get! They only thing they have to worry about is taking their clothes and being present in the bus stop. We'll take care of everything else!

We will also have meetings the whole year with the parents, so they can see that we are responsible adults who are going to make their kids have the best time of their lives, but at the same time with the best security and precaution they could have, letting them know that they do not have to be present in order for their kids to be safe. These are some of the things we are going to talk later in the presentation.

As we said before, fine, they go to clubs, but what are they going to do the whole day in the hotel? This is where we take most part in the trip. We make so much activities that they will not have one minute to take a breath. One day they have a pool party in the afternoon, the other day they have a party boat (something we will talk about later), next day we make a competition with the game called "Beer Pong" and these are only some of the things we will have available for them. 


1) Present a video 15 minutes long which will be the highlight of the presentation.

The video shows our 2012-2013 Senior Trips. After the video we will ask students what do they think about our service, if they have any questions, etc.

2) We highlight 3 of the benefits we offer:

             a) Our Staff (we offer a one-to-one service)

             b) The Hotels 

             c) The Activities

3) Call to Action

We invite them to pass, as they leave, to the back of the room where our staff will receive them and give them an envelope with our brochure and all the information they need to know in paper. This will include our contact information and everything else that we didn't say in our presentation. 

COLORS: Green (of the logo), Orange (complementary color) and White (neutral).

FONTS: Bebas Neue & Reklame Script.

PHOTOS: We will use photos that belong to us, of our previous programs that shows students enjoying our service.


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