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Higher Limits LLC

First of all thanks for taking the time out to see what my brand is all about. Higher Limits stemmed from my inability to settle for the mediocre, to always want something more out of life for myself. I want Higher Limits to be more than just a lifestyle brand:  I would like it to motivate others through its bold designs and instill in others to always want more out of life, that enough is never enough. As a young adult finding my way in the challenging atmosphere that is New York City with very few guidance, I wanted a brand that exemplifies that the only person who you should listen to is yourself, to keep those that help you grow and succeed close to you, and to disregard those that steer you away from what you perceive as truth. There is nothing wrong with wanting more out of life and pushing yourself towards higher limits.

HiLi Logo & Type

Logo in smaller scale

HiLi Logo Style Guide

The designs encompass many aspects of my life, both growing up in the city of New York, and also designs that were flipped to pose a more positive outlook, one of them being the Newport design. Growing up in the inner city had me exposed to many Newport Ads, and I wanted to flip a very popular and well known image into something more progressive.

'Finest Quality' Tee


 My other graphics are simple but bold, such as the No Limits graphic with the currency font.


 Other designs are very graphic oriented, such as the joker and the middle finger graphics, which both stem from my love of bold, color graphics and my love of watching cartoons. The designs embody the notion to not take life too seriously at times and always keep that playful inner kid inside all of us alive.

I have been very fortunate to launch my very first collection for the spring/summer of 2013 and online store not too long ago. Though I have made some very big steps in my clothing brand, I know that there is always more to learn and the brand has room for improvement. I wanted the first collection to be very bold and  vibrant in color and graphics. I wanted attention getters, that were not obnoxious, that instantly attracted attention and hopefully sparked a conversation with the person wearing the apparel and the person(s) interested. The tees chosen for the silkscreened graphics are nothing short of the best tees I have come across: nothing but 100% fine ring spun cotton, that has a very nice look and feel and a very modern, tailored fit. I have tried my best to not cut corners and use only the best resources I can, seeing as my product will be representing my brand and name.

MSRP for the tees are USD $30-32

Limited Edition 'Finest Quality' Skateboard Deck MSRP: $50

My target audience are streetwear and fashion enthusiats, who appreciate quality as well as exclusivity. They like to wear what not a lot of people are wearing and take the time to search for and support smaller,exclusive brands. My target market will be primarily male, between the ages of 14-35, and may be into streetwear culture, skating, hip-hop, and grafitti.

Thanks again for reading Higher Limit’s story and if you like what you see, please follow the brand and its growth, any feedback and support are all appreciated. Much love.








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